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A Happy Girl

Maximising the creative idea in digital to defy gravity and matter in retail.

A Happy Girl
A Happy Girl

Shopping lacks the secret sauce and that’s "FUN".

Initial plans called for virtualizing every essential aspect of Commerce, however, this will ultimately not be skeuomorphic. Fun? Drawing inspiration from the bests of the bests, our team is committed to ensuring you have the best shopping experience.


"Just walk out" tech from Amazon Go

Most retail chains are unlikely to emulate Amazon's tech-heavy model.

With blockchain, “Computers that can make commitments”, achieving the Amazon Go analogy seems more lucrative, practical, and economic in the Metaverse.


Desensitizing and Ambient showroom infrastructure at Ikea.

An unforgettable store experience and the interior at Ikea serves as the epicenter of it’s shoptelligence. Customers perceive everything through context.

Such great stores giving the sense of comfort and familiarity, giving customer’s the pleasure of discovery, can creatively and economically be leveraged in the Metaverse.


Turning retail into a retail therapy like Walmart

Walmart has continued to push the boundaries of retail by creating a seamless experience in stores. And the secret isn't hidden.

Automation is key to its improved customer experience. By extending its assortments and streamlining in-store communications, Walmart builds a loyal customer base.

Incentives of this kind can be tailored more easily in the Metaverse.


Tailored apps that solve complex retail problems like Shopify.

Millions of businesses will trust vCommerce to run their business, but they'll need developers to build the tools that help them achieve independence.

The Web3 Composability would power the independence that would make vCommerce better for everyone.

Disrupting eCommerce with vCommerce.

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